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Can Providing Feed and Water on Hatching Improve Chick Health?

Treena Hein talks to poultry experts about new systems that provide feed and water to newly hatched chicks. In a conventional hatchery, chicks receive no food and water on hatching,

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Cold water will keep poultry comfortable

With temperature expected to be at 104 degree Fahrenheit during day time in the next three days, poultry farmers have been asked to provide cool drinking water and keep the

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Poultry Keepers in India Reminded to Provide Cool Water in Hot Weather

INDIA – As temperatures reach high levels in India this week, poultry keepers have been reminded to ensure birds have access to a cool drinking water supply to prevent mortality.

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How Do US Agencies Prevent Disease Importation?

US – To keep livestock healthy in all parts of the world, APHIS monitors outbreaks of disease in the United States and abroad. APHIS – the Animal and Plant Health

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Indian Feed Industry Price-sensitive Market

Ottevanger Milling Engineers is one of the leading feed mill suppliers in the world. The company specializes in design and manufacturing of equipment and installations in the feed industry, and


Importance of Proper Hydration during Conditioning

While we all accept, understand and agree that steam is the only thing that contributes to all three elements – temperature (sensible heat), heat (latent energy or heat), and moisture

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Scientific study demonstrates slow release butyrate is effective replacement for antibiotic growth promoter

HERENTALS, Belgium – Recently, a novel and timely study evaluating the effect of a slow release calcium butyrate versus avilamycin was published in Poultry Science, an international journal publishing research

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Grain slowdown but Asia still no. 1

The year 2016 has begun with a sluggish outlook for global grain markets. According to the USDA, falling rice and corn production are expected for 2015/16. Wheat and coarse grains

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Brazil corn exports are boosting

In February, Brazil recorded corn exports of 5.37 million tons. According to data from the Ministry of Development, Industry and Foreign Trade, this is almost five times higher than exports


Phytogenics for efficiency in broilers

By improving feed digestibility and reducing inflammation, the use of phytogenics results in greater efficiency, lower production cost and a reduced environmental footprint. Recent studies demonstrate how a selected phytogenic