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Water Management in Broiler Flocks

Water management is one of the most crucial components in a top-performing broiler flock. Broilers have advanced to grow faster, become larger with more breast meat, eat more feed at


Floor Egg Management

The success of a breeder flock depends on producing good quality hatching eggs with high hatchability and delivering first quality broiler chicks. Floor eggs have an average 10 percent lower

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Cover Story of Narsipur Chemicals Pvt. Ltd.

As an introduction, we are an established (1989) and reputed ISO 9001:2008 certified manufacturing company, having completed 26 years of service to the ANIMAL HEALTH (Poultry/Dairy/Aquaculture) industry offering the best of Bio-Security products. We manufacture and export  a

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8 best foods to boost your eye Health

Eating healthy is good for your whole body — especially your eyes! That said, how much do we really know about eye health? These Eight foods into your diet to

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Avoid feeding poultry during day time

With mercury level soaring, poultry farmers were asked to avoid feeding poultry between 11 a.m. and 5 p.m. and ensure supply of cold drinking water, particularly between 4 p.m. to

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Newcastle Disease Reported Amid Scorching Indian Heatwave

INDIA – Indian poultry farmers are having to contend with outbreaks of Newcastle Disease (also known as Ranikhet in the country), as well as high temperatures killing their birds. According

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Save Costs with Animal By-Products

ANALYSIS – The use of poultry and fish by-products in feed has the potential to greatly reduce broiler and layer feeding costs. Dr Leon Ekermans, director of animal feeds at

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Hendrix Genetics Concludes Coolen Turkey Hatchery Acquisition

Hendrix Genetics, the global leader in turkey breeding, has concluded its agreement to purchase 100% of turkey distributor Coolen Hatchery, the largest turkey hatchery in the Netherlands. This announcement follows