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Geneticists Play Important Role in Breeder Selection

As more and more is asked of modern broiler, so genetics companies have to keep an even closer eye on health and welfare, as Frank Siewerdt, Cobb director of genetics


Integrated Poultry Fish Farming System

Integrated Farming System is a resource management strategy to achieve economic and sustained agricultural production to meet diverse requirements of farm household while preserving the resource base and maintaining high

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Jubilant Life Sciences and Barentz International Enter into a Strategic Partnership to Serve the Food & Nutrition Market in India and its Neighbouring Countries

Noida, India, June 21, 2017 – Jubilant Life Sciences, an integrated global pharmaceutical and life sciences company, today announced a strategic partnership with Barentz International, an international leader in the


Fleshing Important in Optimal Broiler Breeding

At 12 weeks the frame size of broiler breeders is over 90% complete. From that moment the body condition or fleshing should gradually increase. To really know if the birds


How to Rear Parent Flocks for Peak Production

Broiler breeds such as the Cobb500 are selected to efficiently convert feed to body weight. Therefore, it is important in rearing parent flocks to understand how to feed the birds

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Poultry Producers Cash in on Beef Slaughter Ban; Chicken Demand Rises

INDIA – India’s poultry producers are posting record profits as feed costs have dropped to a five-year low and on rising chicken demand after cattle slaughtering restrictions were enacted in

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Chicken Council Asks for Suspension of USDA Organic Rule

US – USDA’s Agriculture Marketing Service (AMS) delayed implementing the final rule for organic livestock and poultry welfare standards from 19 May to 14 November 2017, citing a federal freeze

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GE2017: What Next for British Poultry Meat?

UK – The fallout from the General Election has likely only just begun, with political jockeying steadily building to a frantic level. The headline issues of Brexit, health, education, and

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Shortage in Chicken Supply After Beef Ban

INDIA – Chicken prices have shot up in recent times and have been hovering above Rs 180/kg (retail rates) in big cities for close to a month now due to