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Editorial Committee - Poultry Live India

Dr. Shilpi Dhall

Adlife Nutraceuticals (Director)

It gives me immense pleasure to share with you that Poultry Live India (Live India Media). It will not only be helpful for Farmers but Dealers, Poultry Industrialists like Equipment Manufacturers, Feed & Pharma Manufacturers   and Doctors with also equally get benefited with it.
I am working in Adlife Nutraceuticals for upliftment of Ayrveda and Organic concept in the world of poultry.
Our mission is to empower business owners to achieve exceptional and live
extraordinary lives. We strive to achieve excellence regarding the development of Herbal and Organic products, their marketing and customer satisfaction.
We provide Organic medicine for poultry for the treatment of various Respiratory, Liver and Kidney related diseases, Stress reliever, Growth promoters, Probiotic, and various Acidifier, Disinfectant and Sanitizer.
We also have our special range of Human OTC Division in which we serve mankind for many diseases.

Mr. Yogesh Dhall

Adlife Nutraceuticals (Managing Director)

It is with much joy and anticipation that Poultry Live India (Live India Media) is publishing “Poultry magazines & Directory” it will provide an ideal forum for exchange of contacts of all the Farmers, Doctors, Consultants, Dealers and all the persons connected directly or indirectly to the poultry world.
Organic and Herbal medicines are my interest areas with Adlife Nutraceuticals I try to express my ideas in a practical manner. In my 20 year of experience I have worked in various fields to promote Poultry.
Our vision is to become leader in providing user friendly solutions which are innovative, we will accomplish through our commitment to strategic growth, outstanding service and community involvement.
We deal in Organic and Herbal products for various diseases with 100% results. We also deal with human OTC division which is Ayurveda based for the treatment of Kidney Stone, Sugar, Joint Pain, cough and many more.

Dr. Manoj Shukla

Poultry Consultant, Raipur (C.G.)



Heartiest congratulations to Poultry Live India Publication (Live India Media), with hope that it will speak facts about the poultry Industry of India. As on present scenario Indian Poultry Industry is facing huge financial losses no matter whether it is broiler industry or layer industry. The reason behind these heavy losses is mismatched Production & consumption ratio. Production of Broiler & Eggs are more than Consumption, that’s why there is a situation of “Surplus Production”. Due to this mismatched situation farmer’s are not getting the even production cost of their products. For such situation all the big Poultry companies & farmers themselves are responsible, because they have only concentrated on production but they never did anything to promote egg & chicken consumption. As per the recommendation of National Institute of Nutrition, Hyderabad, to balance the diet an Indian have to eat 180 eggs per person per year & as on date it is only 56 eggs per person per year. The only way to save our Poultry industry is strong marketing of eggs & chicken to increase it’s consumption. My sincere request to all the persons who are directly or indirectly related with Poultry Industry, please give your best efforts for marketing of chicken & eggs to increase it’s consumption.

Dr. Sonia Yun Liu

Location: New South Wales, Australia

Profile: Academic/Scientific

Occupation: Postdoctoral Research Associate

Mr. Fausto Solis

Location: Santo Domingo, Distrito Nacional, Republica Dominicana

Profile: Academic/Scientific

Mr. Rakesh Kumar

Growel Agrovet Private Limited (Director-Marketing)

+91- 9709748080



Thanks Poultry Live India (Live India Media) for making a prosperous poultry industry Growel Agrovet Private Limited is always with you for your initiative .

Dr. R. P. Shukla

Shukla Homeo Pharmecy, Khanna (Punjab) India



Dr Praveen Kumar Singh

Dr Praveen Kumar Singh – B.V.Sc.



This is Dr Praveen Kumar Singh. My education upto B.V.Sc. is from Mumbai and masters in Vet.Pathology from CSKHPKV, (HP). I have provided consultancy to Broiler, Layer and breeders in 9 States of India. My expertise lie in Poultry disease Diagnosis, Prevention & treatment aspect.

Live India Media is a very dedicated and committed organization which extends valuable Poultry information through News Portal & Publication Poultry Live India updates to all connected people in all possible ways. Articles published in this magazine are very precise and  Informative. News alerts are very useful.

Dr. Rajesh Kumar Singh

Dr. Rajesh Kumar Singh (Poultry consultant, Jamshedpur).



Myself Dr. Rajesh Kumar singh,  a poultry veterinarian by profession , has been associated with poultry sector for last 18 years. I have work for Venkys, Suguna, Japfa in Bihar, Jharkhand, Orissa and West Bengal. I have written 8 books on poultry and allied sector. I  have been awarded with “poultry farmers award ” by CPDO, Chandigarh, Govt of India in 2013 for my contribution in dessiminating poultry knowledge through writing column on social media, T.V, Talk, Radio Talk, Publishing articles on poultry in magazines. I am grateful to be associated with Poultry Live India (Live India Media), a platform for poultry farmers where they can learn the best managemental practices for poultry farming.