Among the livestock sectors poultry production systems are the most intensively reared with developments especially in the areas of nutrition, disease control, genetic improvement, management and organization of dietary requirements along with the pressure of increasing demand for poultry products as well as threats of emerging pathogens so this sector is badly in need of sustainable therapeutic and production ads especially based on herbs. Many herbs have been recorded fruitfully used by veterinarians to treat a variety of disease conditions in animals. The present study on ADLIFE NUTRACEUTICALS discusses the various useful and practical application of the rich heritage of herbal wealth for safeguarding poultry health in general, combating infectious as well as non – infectious diseases caused by microbes and parasites along with immunomodulatory actions for countering immunosuppressive diseases. Moreover highlighting herbs based poultry growth promoters for increasing production performances use of herbs as antioxidants and their role in organic egg and meat production is a special attraction of the review that will draw the attention of the poultry specialists as well as farming communication. The information will be useful to increase poultry production and protect the health of birds in a better way from traditional ways towards modern perspectives and also would promote and popularize usage of herbs amongst poultry produces people around the world are now aware of the limitations of synthetic drugs and chemicals in terms of higher cost, anticipated toxicity and adverse effects.
Around 4 billion people around the world use Organic Medicine for their needs. These medicines are prepared and handled using Organic means. In Organic production there is no use of chemicals during the entire production, processing and preservation processes. No chemical pesticides, fertilizers or preservative are used for making these organic medicines or their ingredients. These are produced by farmers who emphasize the use of renewable resources and the conservation of soil and water to enhance environmental quality for future generations. Organic farming enhances ecological harmony by
• Promoting biodiversity biological cycles and soil enrichment.
• Utilizing methods that minimize pollution from air, soil and water.
• Optimizing the health of soil, plant, animals and people.
The practice of using herbal medicines based therapy is now a days gaining more attention worldwide in both human and animal care system.

Adimmone is a combination of herbs and ethno – veterinary medicine having multiple beneficial advantages have been used since long for strengthening body and its immune system and to keep away or fight against disease over the past few years , vigorous emphasis has been made for enhancing the growth and production performances in the poultry industry which badly resulted in an adverse effect on the immunological parameters of poultry thereby damaging the natural defensive mechanism against various micro organisms including viruses, bacteria, pathogenic fungi, ecto and endoparasites and various toxins etc. due to development of antibiotic resistance by the bacteria and pathogenic microbes researchers are now thinking towards immunomodulation. Now a days immune based therapies are gaining more importance than monovalent approaches which are having limited befits. A part from the action like treating diseases, control of ecto and endo parasites, fertility enhancement ADIMMONE also fights against several diseases.Various benefits of Adimmone are as follows;
• Highly concentrate multipurpose herbal feed supplement for immunomodulation.
• No effect of seasonal variation.
• Better adaptation of birds to stress there by minimizing associated losses.
• Increases Non-specific immune response for overall protection against various infections agents.
• Antioxidants, antibacterial, growth stimulator
• More eggs in layers.
• Higher weight gain broilers.

Due to vast usage of sulphanilamide, ionophorous antibiotic amprolium or synthetic chemical compounds for the treatment of Coccidiosis in poultry results in emergence of drug resistant stains and antibiotic residues in poultry meat posing serious problems to the meat consumers. To overcome this major threat, safe alternative anti – coccidial herbs is required which can only be fulfilled by the usage of DILACOX.
1. Passing blood in their poo.
2. Drop in egg production
3. Droopy, hunched, withdrawn chickens with ruffled feather.
4. Not feeding or drinking.

1. Coccidiosis is caused by a parasite coccidia found in contaminated ground and damp litter. It can be transferred on contaminated boots, clothing, feed sacks, insects and rodents.
2. Poultry are exposed to the parasite via their droppings, dirty drinkers and damp litter in their housing. Wet areas around drinkers are particular areas of infection.
3. Coccidian can also be found in water that is not kept clean and free of chicken droppings.
4. Young birds and chicks of all kinds are most prone to infection and will quickly die if not treated.
5. Overcrowding and intensive rearing of chickens leads to infection passing quickly throughout the flock.
6. Infections parasites can live in housing that was previously contaminated for a number of month and so will infect new birds when they are introduced.

The disease has a high mortality rate in baby chicks and mortality usually occurs within a week of first seeing symptoms, so fast treatment is a must. Even if a chick survives, permanent intestinal tissue damage often occurs. Since a chickens Immune System is centered in the intestine, survivors could have compromised immune system for life this is why prevention is so important.
1. Keep your litter dry, cocidia proliferate in wet conditions. Stir it weekly and remove any matted or caked litter soon after it forms.
2. Remove and replace any bedding that is wet.
3. Do not feed chickens feed that contains wheat.
4. Isolate and keep warm any sick chickens so they cannot contaminate others.
5. Add probiotic (MOLPRO) powder to their daily feed.
6. Keep all equipments clean, especially feeders and drinkers.
7. Proper ventilation is absolutely necessary to avoid damp litter conditions.

Coccidiosis is somewhat hard to cure and if you do have and outbreak it is important to take action quickly. Hens that do survive will not thrive and may eventually die. The only cure is to administer an anticoccidial drug and a combination of natural medicine. Coccidiosis can strike any time after the chicks reach 2 weeks of age. Don’t wait for all the birds in the house to show symptoms before giving a treatment. At the first signs of this disease get an appropriate drug from your veterinarian.
Despite your best preventive measures, if you do notice any symptoms, collect a fecal sample coccidiosis can be detected or confirmed by a quick test if diagnosis is confirmed, use only natural methods . Try to use organic herbal products as much as possible to avoid any side effects caused due to antibiotics. Our natural herbs are the complete solution for all the problems or diseases occurred in poultry especially for the treatment of coccidiosis. Use organic herbal products naming DILACOX. This is the only organic herbal treatment and prevention. Since ancient times, plant and plant parts have an indispensable source of medicine for indigenous poultry production system. Although modern medical science has developed to a great extend but still farmer depends on plant parts and herbal remedies for indigenous poultry health management. Unfortunately, local medical traditions are being lost because they are communicated orally from generation to generation and are largely undocumented. Very little has been done to verify and validate information gathered. This unique product naming DILACOX is based on traditional preparation with the objective of curing coccidiosis for poultry health management both in small scale and large scale poultry production system. This Herbal and organic treatment should be followed strictly for best results in treatment of coccidiosis.


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