Indian Poultry Sector Growing at 10%

Indian Poultry Sector Growing at 10%

Indian poultry sector is growing at 8-10 % per annum and the country stands 5th in egg production and 18th in broiler production globall ,

India is the largest producer of milk in the world with 13.1 % of the total milk produced in the world. Per capita milk availability is 252 gram per day lower than world average of 265 gram,

India stands 5th in egg production, 18th in broiler. The growth rate for poultry sector is 8-10%  annum,

The demand for milk and milk products is projected to rise to 142 million tonnes, consumption of eggs is expected to increase to more than 81 billion, 10.9 million tonnes of meat and 11 million tonnes of fish by 2020-21,

The livestock sector faces challenges like low productivity, inadequate feed and fodder availability, prevalence of animal diseases and inadequate infrastructure for marketing and processing of value added products among others.

In order to address these major challenges, the Central government has framed National Livestock Policy in the year 2013. The primary focus of the policy is to increase livestock productivity and production in a sustainable manner,

The national livestock policy would facilitate better inter-state coordination in control of animal diseases many of which are zoonotic, regulating export and import of livestock and livestock products

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