Role of Ads Plus In Water Purification

Role of Ads Plus In Water Purification

The production of healthy poultry depends on the maintenance of health and hygiene throughout the entire production system. Some measures can be taken to ensure good water hygiene to prevent disease at the farm like a footbath should be installed containing disinfectant at the poultry house entrance and its made compulsory. Poultry sector suffers huge losses due to contamination of feed with pathogenic bacteria and their related impacts in the birds such as lower weight gain or ever increased mortality. Hatchery hygiene is recognised as an important factor in healthy poultry production. Poor standards of hatchery hygiene may lead ultimately to an explosion of pathogenic organisms resulting in severe economic losses. The environment of a poultry hatchery is very susceptible to contamination by microorganisms which are believed to adversely affect chick quality and cause embryonic deaths include E-Coli, Stapthylococci specieces, strephococci and Aspergillus fumigates.Poultryliveindia- ADS

Therefore the development and maintenance of an effective hatchery sanitation programme is essential for the successful operation of a poultry world for this, we need acidifiers, sanitizers and disinfectants to clean the water at its best. So that contamination could be abolished from its roots. Also hygiene inhibit the growth of microorganisms and maintain a desirable level of hatchability of fertile hatchery eggs.


            The potential of organic acids is feed preservation protecting feed from microbial and fungal destruction but also directly in bird nutrition due to its effect on stomach Ph and gut flora is already known for decades and is proven in uncounted laboratory and field trials. Acidifiers are organic chemicals that either produce or become acid. The chemicals increase the level of gastric acid in the stomach when ingested thus decreasing the stomach ph.


The modern domestic animal farm environment furnish an appropriate medium for pathogen replication one of the most effective methods to reduce level of pathogens includes the application of proper management and husbandry practices such as regular use of disinfection especially before introducing a new flock. The choice of disinfectants is critical in establishing a successful sanitation programme as not all disinfectants are effective against the major pathogens that cause economic diseases in the poultry and dairy industries. Organic disinfectants target bacteria, fungal compound and viruses. Therefore disinfectants are efficacious against the wide spectrum of aetiological agents of economic diseases in animal farm.


There are number of water conditioning options with water softening, filtration, sequestering and sanitizing being the most common because bacterial contamination is primary concern in poultry production water systems can be contaminated either from groundwater sources or from the environment in the barn. It is possible for colifarm bacteria to enter a well due to poor construction shallowness of the well or abandoned wells in the area. However the bran environment is by far the biggest threat for bacterial contamination. Coliform bacteria is easily conveyed to the waterers by the birds during their daily activities.

Total dissolved solids (TDS) are the sum of all solids that have been dissolved in the water and are generally expressed in parts per million (ppm). Many have little or no effect on water quality. However iron and manganese do.

A combination of above said water cleaners is not created yet. But with great efforts and lot of research this combined product naming ADS Plus (Acidifier, Disinfectant and Sanitizer) works well. ADS Plus is unique combination of herbs and organic salts as

  1. It is revolutionary product which is used in poultry world
  2. It is made up of many Organic herbs.
  3. It provides not only good sanitation but reduces ph of water
  4. It eradicates all infective and reproductive forms of all microorganisms (bacteria, fungi, virus, etc.).
  5. It is also used in domestic as well as commercial tanks to purify water in an organic way.
  6. It is used as an Organic Disinfectant.
  7. It removes more than 50% of disease agents it also makes them less effective.
  8. It is most reliable and economical product.
  9. Extremely safe for poultry.
  10. Continuous use results in a tremendous decline in medication cost
  11. It is a super water sanitizer which is used in all types of livestock


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