Naveen Pasuparthy Elected as President of KPFBA

Naveen Pasuparthy President, KPFBA 2023 to 2025

Naveen Pasuparthy of the Nanda Group, a formidable player in the poultry sector and Dy Chairman of CLFMA (Compound Livestock Feed Manufacturers Association) of India, has been elected President of the Karnataka Poultry Farmers & Breeders Association (KPFBA) for 2023-2024 & 2024-2025 at its AGM held recently.

The newly elected Managing Committee consists of, Mr. Manjesh Kumar Jadav (Vice President), Mr. Sanjeev Sham Rao Deshpande (Vice President), Mr. M S R Prasad (General Secretary), Mr. H N Rajasekhar (Treasurer), Mr. Prasanna, Mr. Rajesh Reddy, Mr. Naveen D Khokle & Mr. B N Chidanand with Mr. Inayath Ulla Khan, as associations Executive Secretary.

Mr. Pasuparthy emphasised the need for KPFBA to –

a) work with state government, central government & FSSAI on all policy matters.

b) build training & orientation models with CPDO & other organizations for a continuous supply of skilled manpower to our sector.

c) build tighter working relationships with other state poultry associations like PFI, BCC, etc across the country.

d) build good working relationships with agriculture & veterinary universities, IVPI, VIP & associations like CLFMA, Soya Processors Association, BioTech Consortium India Limited (BCIL) etc.

e) Last but not least, invest & adopt technology in data gathering for demand & supply estimations for our sector.

KPFBA Cannot be complacent. It must invest in marketing & consumer education activities, about poultry meat as a safe & sustainable source of protein. By this, KPFBA can dispel all myths & misunderstandings that are largely painting a negative image of our produce.

Profitable poultry farming comes from stable live bird prices. This builds capital reserves for the firms, which can be invested into automation, innovation & hiring the right talent. This will also help firms in creating business models that help them in reaching end consumers for higher realizations & thereby further increasing the company’s stability & making poultry farming attractive & sustainable.

Mr Pasuparthy said that the last 5-year history indicates that the poultry farming profession has just not been volatile but violently volatile. Our profession carries huge responsibility for the well-being & welfare of all suppliers, bankers, vendors, independent poultry farmers, contract poultry farmers, crop agriculture farmers & last but not least, 1000’s of families who are all working in our firms & companies.This journey has made us to realize & reconcile the importance of all producers to work together with grace, maturity, transparency & dignity, making our profession respectable, sustainable & profitable.Going back into a 3-decade-old history, he recalled the metamorphosis of the Karnataka Hatchery Association into the Karnataka Poultry Farmers & Breeders Association, moving from a 300 sqft garage office to an independent rented 1650 sqft office & now to a 12,000 sqft plot office on a 400-acre veterinary college campus with poultry training facility & poultry diagnostics Lab infrastructure, which is an envy to all other poultry association in India.

Title photograph:

L-R: Mr. Sanjeev Manoj Kumar (Senior Manager Sales), Mr. Inayath Ulla Khan (Executive Secretary), Mr. Sanjeev Shamrao Deshpande (Vice President), Mr. M S R Prasad (General Secretary), Mr. Prasanna Kumar (MC Member), Mr. Naveen Pasuparthy (President Elect), Mr. Manjesh Kumar Jadav ((Vice President), Mr. H N Rajashekar (Treasurer), Mr. Rajesh Reddy (MC Member), Mr. Chidanand B.N (MC Member) and Mr. Basavaraj Kulkarni ( Manager Accounts)

Source: By KPFBA