Pukhraj Herbals announces the launch of MaxImmunoVet Elixir, a gamechanging Feed Supplement for total poultry wellness and a sound contender for replacement of antibiotics.

On the first day of Poultry India Expo 2023 at Hyderabad, Pukhraj Herbals announced the launch of feed supplement MaxImmunoVet that has been formulated from the scientifically validated 18 herbs. According to company, MaxImmunoVet is an inclusive holistic solution for the poultry industry to provide the essential nutrients necessary for optimal growth, strong immune systems, and healthy weight gain of Chicks, Layers, Breeders, and Broilers.

Addressing the media, Mr. Milind Jilhewar, founder of Pukhraj Herbals stated that all over the world, herbal medicines are used for critical illnesses and to avoid the side effects of modern medicines and antibiotics. While there are several medicines for humans, for veterinary purposes, there is no such effective medicine. Therefore, he felt the need for an inclusive feed supplement for veterinary purposes so that to improve the health, productivity, and overall well-being. He further mentioned that the modern medicines provide instant needs for vitamins, selenium, zinc, etc., but the prolonged use of such antibiotics affects other parts of the body of birds. Therefore, for long-term benefits, MaxImmunoVet comes as an instant solution to provide the essential nutrients necessary for optimal growth, strong immune systems, and healthy weight gain.

MaxImmunoVet serves as a safe and effective pre-treatment for various chronic diseases and immunity associated disorders and helps the birds to have enhanced metabolism, improved digestibility, and active hepatic function. This not only prevents liver damage and fatty liver syndrome but also safeguards the liver against toxins, chemical drugs, and feed contaminants. MaxImmunoVet aids in the regeneration of liver tissues damaged by toxins and infectious diseases, showcasing its remarkable hepatogenic effects.

MaxImmunoVet is available in concentrated thick paste form and therefore, the packaging is 1 Kg that is easy to transport. MaxImmunoVet is also available powder form.

Source: – Mr. Rahul Vardhan (Pukhraj Herbals)