Any experienced poultry farmer will tell you that practicing poultry is no walk in the garden. Additionally, chicken farming is one of the challenging jobs. Chickens are delicate and are sensitive. Hence, you need to take care of multiple things while brooding chickens. To become a success in this field, avoid making these mistakes in your practice. Also, successful brooding requires a lot of attention and awareness. You need to maintain the correct temperature, environment for your birds. Therefore, try to study your birds well and avoid making these mistakes.Very High Temperature: You need to stay aware of what is the right temperature for your chicken. Heat allows the chicken to grow and develop at a faster pace. However, too high a temperature can also affect the chickens in negative ways. Hence experts suggest reducing the brooder’s temperature by five degrees. Reducing the temperature would allow the chickens to develop the right amount of feathers in their bodies. Feathers will protect them from cold. You can use thermometers to measure the temperature. Besides, you can also use heat lamps to provide the correct temperature to your poultry. Additionally, very high temperatures can also cause dehydration in the birds and make them sick.Very Low Temperature: Remember to heat the brooder before you place your chickens there. Besides, the written rule is that one should heat the brooder 5 hours before. This allows the floors and the ceilings to get heated. Low heat will disable the faster growth of chickens and will disrupt their development. Moreover, even your cost to feed them will enhance. Chickens tend to eat more to keep themselves warm during cold times. Being Less Attentive To Their Hygiene: Hygiene is highly essential when it comes to poultry. You need to keep a regular check on the surroundings of your poultry. Besides, do not forget to keep the brooders clean. Remember to provide beddings to make the chickens devoid of direct contact with the floor. Protect your chickens from tiny harmful organisms. Moreover, clean the feeders and drinkers before providing food and water. In addition, also sanitize them properly so that your birds remain safe. Not Taking Care of the Birds’ Safety: As a poultry farmer, protecting your birds from different harmful organisms becomes very important. Rodents can prove to be a danger for your chickens. Hence, make sure that you design your brooder so that rodents can’t quickly enter into it. Moreover, make sure that you close all the holes in the brooder. Rodents tend to attack chicks and hence can harm your business. Therefore, take all possible precautions to protect your birds. Ultimately, they are your assets and the source of income and livelihood.Not Providing The Right Amount of Ventilation: It is significant to pay attention to the amount of ventilation in the brooders. Air exchange is vital for the chickens. If you fail to do so, your birds will get exposed to various respiratory issues. Moreover, high humidity also causes problems for the chickens in the brooder. Therefore, take care of the ventilation and air exchange inside the brooders.ConclusionMaintaining the correct temperature, cleaning the brooders, feeders, and drinkers are significant poultry farming elements. Henceforth, take care to avoid the above mistakes to run a successful business.