Meet a Personality from Tamilnadu, who started a Poultry Farm in 1984 with just of Rs 5K, now has a turnover of over Rs. 10,000 Cr.

Founded in 1984, Suguna Foods Private Limited is a Coimbatore-based leading poultry farm company which has now become a market leader. Suguna Foods was established by siblings B Soundararajan and GB Sundararajan. In 1984, they embarked on a venture by establishing a poultry farm in Udumalaipettai, a town located approximately 72 km away from Coimbatore in Tamil Nadu. They started the farm with just Rupees 5,000. After completing his schooling, Soundararajan had a strong desire to establish his own business. He initially ventured into vegetable farming on his family’s ancestral agricultural land, but this endeavour proved to be unprofitable. Eventually, he returned to his hometown and joined his brother’s business. The brothers began as vendors, selling chicken feed to farmers among other items. Later, Soundararajan came up with the idea of contract farming, a novel concept in India’s poultry sector at the time. They implemented this model in 1990, initially partnering with just three farmers. By 1997, the company had attracted 40 farmers, and their turnover reached Rupees 7 crore. Suguna Chicken quickly gained popularity and became a well-known name in Tamil Nadu. Today, the company offers a wide range of poultry products and services nationwide, with operations encompassing broiler farms, hatcheries, feed mills, processing plants, and animal healthcare products. Suguna provides broiler chicken, value-added eggs, and processed meat to meet consumer demands. Suguna Foods has two legs – B2C and B2B. Under the former, it has Delfrez and Mother’s Delight, and under the latter, it has the Suguna Chicken and Suguna Feeds. According to the Indian Retailer, Suguna Foods has a current turnover of Rs 10,750 Cr. Delfrez alone, with a previous turnover of Rs 250 Cr, is aiming to achieve substantial growth and exit the current financial year with an impressive Rs 750 Cr. As for future goals, the startup’s primary objective is to maintain a strong focus on its existing four strategic business units. The strategic approach is to become a specialist in their chosen domains rather than diversifying extensively.