Extension of Enforcement by FSSAI

Food Safety Alert – 58 (Shocking News)
Violation of FSS Act, 2006 by FSSAI Officials – Direction on Food Safety and Standards (Advertising and Claims) Second Amendment Regulations, 2022.

We have important questions for the FSSAI and MoHFW, Govt. of India, regarding the recent direction issued by the FSSAI on the Extension of enforcement of the Food Safety and Standards (Advertising and Claims) Second Amendment Regulations, 2022. These questions aim to ensure transparency and accountability, safeguard consumer interests, and maintain the integrity of food safety regulations.

1- Representation: FSSAI should disclose the number of consumer organizations that submitted letters supporting the extension of enforcement. This information is crucial to understand the level of consumer support and involvement.

2- Gazette Publication: We seek an explanation for extending gazetted regulations without proper Gazette publication. The legal process requires Gazette publication, and any deviation raises concerns about the validity and transparency of the decision.

3- Legal Validity: We request clarification on the legal validity of the FSSAI’s direction issued without Gazette publication. It is important to ensure that regulatory actions are legally sound to maintain public trust.

4- Industry Representation: Investigation is needed to determine which associations or industry stakeholders submitted representations for the extension of enforcement. It is essential to ascertain if the same organization represented their interests both times. If so, it raises suspicions of corruption, as it indicates a direct benefit to the industry rather than consumers.

5- Role of Dr. Amit Sharma in FSSAI????

We urge digital and print media, as well as food professionals, to highlight this subject for public health. Food safety is a collective responsibility, and decisions should prioritize consumer welfare.

Food Safety is Everyone’s Business.

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