CAUSES OF FEED PASSAGE SYNDROME IN POULTRY (rejection of undigested grains)

✔️ High level of salt or pH of poultry feed or water consumption.

✔️ Consumption of low quality or rotten fats in feed.

✔️ Consumption of burnt soybean meal.

✔️ The presence of anti-nutritional factors such as tannins and biogenic amines in grains due to the consumption of low-quality grains or the activity of bacteria in the feed.

✔️ Subacute coccidiosis without clinical symptoms

✔️ Suffering from viral diseases (such as Newcastle disease, influenza, adenovirus, togavirus, calicivirus, bronchitis, etc.) that cause diarrhea.

✔️ The presence of digestive parasites such as ascaris and cestodes

✔️ Heat stress that causes excessive consumption of water and watery stools.

✔️ Enteritis or swelling of the intestine due to the activity of bacteria in the intestine following diseases, sudden changes in diet, excessive energy in the diet, growth dynamics. Improper application of feed restriction, high density, presence of low quality animal protein, low quality of substrate, rapid change of feed form from mesh to pellet and vice versa.

✔️ The presence of mycotoxins in grains that cause liver damage and reduce the amount of bile in the intestine.

✔️ Poultry infection with reovirus strain ss412

✔️ too much softness and powderiness of the feed, which weakens the muscles of the stone wall and dilates the pre-stomach.Mohammed Alzawqari Poultry nutritionist and feed Formulation and Manufacturing

By: Dr. Mohammed Alzawqari (Poultry Nutrition Expert & Feed Manufacturing)