Calcium propionate is a safe and reliable food and feed additive.

Calcium propionate is a safe and reliable food and feed additive. The calcium ions and propionic acid generated by calcium propionate hydrolysis are the basic components in the rumen of dairy cows. The application of calcium propionate in dairy cows is summarized in  Figure 1 . Calcium propionate can be used as a silage additive to inhibit the growth of mildew, reduce mycotoxins, and improve the aerobic stability. Adding calcium propionate to TMR feed can inhibit the putrefaction of the feed in hot weather; thus, calcium propionate can also be used as a preservative in feed. Propionic acid generated by the hydrolysis of calcium propionate is the main glucose precursor in dairy cows. Adding calcium propionate to the diet during the perinatal period can effectively alleviate the nutritional metabolic disease caused by NEB in dairy cows, and the calcium ions generated by hydrolysis can serve as a calcium source to effectively alleviate paralysis caused by milk fever. Calcium propionate can also promote dairy calves’ rumen epithelium development to promote calf growth through propionic acid. Proper feeding is beneficial to the health of dairy cows, but excessive feeding may inhibit the appetite and limit the intake. In summary, the applications of calcium propionate in dairy cows mainly include the inhibition of feed mildew, alleviation of NEB, prevention of milk fever, and promotion of the rumen epithelial development of dairy calves.

Source: Lily Wang (Calcium Formate ; Calcium Propionate; Potassium Diformate; Sodium Diacetate- Feed Preservatives Mold inhibitors Manufacturer)