Moba announces new AI-powered vision weighing system.

Egg equipment manufacturer Moba introduced its new artificial intelligence (AI) powered Vision Weighing system at the company’s BIG PLUS event held June 7-8, 2023, in Wixom, Michigan.

The Vision Weighing system uses one camera to identify both egg weights and cracks.

In standard egg weighing systems, eggs are weighed by mechanical scales or grippers. In the Vision Weighing system, eggs are weighed using a camera and AI technology, reducing the need for contact with additional machinery and decreasing labor requirements.

Moba’s AI system has been trained with a large set of data that is composed of thousands of egg images and the corresponding weights. This allows the technology to recognize visual characteristics unique to each egg and correlate them with the specific crack level and weight. The system stores the data it collects and uses it to continuously improves its detection accuracy.

According to Moba, there are commercial egg producers currently using the system and it is available for purchase.

Other AI technology from Moba

In 2021, Moba announced its Vision Crack Detector that uses LED lighting of specific wavelengths to illuminate the eggs from underneath.

As the eggs are rolled forward on the crack detector, multiple digital images are recorded. The images are combined to give a complete view of the egg which is examined using an AI trained algorithm to identify cracks. Brown and white eggs can be run though the system at the same time without negatively impacting results.

Between the two technologies, Moba brings together the power of artificial intelligence with crack detection and weighing solutions, providing egg producers with multiple benefits throughout the production process.

Source: Meredith Johnson (Managing Editor of Egg Industry)