Asia’s first carbon-neutral cage-free egg

Charoen Pokphand Foods’ (CP Foods) cage-free egg brand, U Farm, has achieved a milestone, becoming Asia’s first-ever carbon-neutral cage-free egg.

The company’s egg business unit has been actively minimising environmental impacts, such as installing automated egg conveyors, reducing food loss, utilising eggshells more efficiently, and adopting alternative energy sources like solar panels and biogas systems in layer farms and egg production processes.

As a result, 23 categories of fresh egg and cage-free eggs received certification with the Carbon Footprint Reduction Label or Global Warming Reduction Label. In 2022, these 23 global warming reduction egg products contributed to a reduction of 617,000 tons of CO2 equivalence.

The company’s U Farm brand had previously received the Global Warming Reduction label from Thailand’s Greenhouse Gas Management Organization. This year, additional measures have offset any remaining emissions through carbon credit purchases.

Further reductions toward 100% renewable egg farmsCP Foods is pursuing further solutions to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from egg production and aims to develop cage-free layer farms that operate as 100% renewable farms.In 2022, the company introduced 818 low-carbon products, including chicken meat, pork meat, duck meat, and eggs, with 56 products classified as low-carbon and bearing the ‘Global Warming Reduction Label’.CP Foods’ aims to achieve 40% of its total revenue from green revenue by 2030.

Source: By Natalie Kinsley (Freelance journalist)