Exciting News from the World Veterinary Poultry Association Congress in Verona, Italy!

What an incredible week it has been at #WVPAC2023 in Verona!

I am thrilled to share the remarkable moments and experiences we had during this event.

From a successful new product launch to an enlightening symposium, and even reuniting with colleagues and friends after a long time, it truly was an unforgettable gathering. Stephanie Steeves, Rüdiger Raue, Fernando Vargas, Julie Vermooten, Nick Munce, Dan Wilson, André Costa Pereira, Corrado Longoni and Guillermo Zavala: It was an honor to share the stage with you. One of the highlights of the Congress was the successful launch of our new member of the Innovax family.

The hard work, dedication, and collaborative efforts of our #MSDAnimalHealth team have truly paid off. Innovax-ILT-IBD is set to initiate a new era in the industry of long-living birds in particular, providing poultry professionals with cutting-edge solutions to enhance their operations and productivity. It’s a testament to our commitment to offer more options and support for the industry, to meet its sustainability goals.Speaking of sustainability, the MSD Satellite symposium organized during the Congress was another moment buILT to last.

It provided poultry professionals with an holistic view of the industry’s drivers, allowing them to gain valuable insights and understand the bigger picture.Moreover, the Congress served as a heartwarming reunion for colleagues and friends.

After a long time of being apart, it was incredible to see familiar faces, exchange ideas, and celebrate our collective achievements. The power of connections and the sense of community within the poultry world were truly felt throughout the event, reminding us of the importance of collaboration and camaraderie.

As I reflect on the week-long Poultry Congress in Verona, it is evident that our industry is filled with passionate professionals who strive for excellence. Just like opera singers who give their best performances in harmony with the orchestra, we too aim to create harmony and reach new heights. Let’s continue to “sing” together, supporting each other and feeding the world.

-By Mariana Andreopoulou (Associate Director Poultry, Europe, Russia, Middle East, North Africa, MSD Animal Health MSD Animal HealthDubai, United Arab Emirates)