Do you know what Glutamine is?

Glutamine is a neutral amino acid that contains two nitrogen molecules and can play an important role in providing the nitrogen needed to turn over intestinal tissue and metabolic pathways.

● The importance of glutamine lies in the maintenance of intestinal mucosal tissue and the production of mucin as an antibacterial barrier in poultry.

● The amino acid glutamine is the main metabolite that nourishes intestinal cells.

● Glutamine is also used as the primary energy substrate in rapidly dividing cells such as intestinal cells.

● Glutamine plays a role as a regulator in the activation of a series of genes.

○ When there is a deficiency of this amino acid, the processes of reproduction, secretion, and differentiation of intestinal mucosal cells are disrupted.

The amino acid glutamine is the most abundant amino acid in the body. It plays an important role in protein synthesis in the liver, gluconeogenesis, as well as the biosynthesis of nucleic acids, immune response and regulation of cell regeneration conditions.

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-By Mohammad Al-Zawqari (Poultry Nutrition Expert | Feed Technology Consultant | Poultry Flocks Manager | Poultry Nutrition Researcher)