Experience Shared: Visited a farm of 60000 birds capacity – Tahir Khawaja (Poultry Pathologist – Broiler and Layer Farm Expert)

Hello Veternarians!!

I visited a farm of 60000 birds capacity

Age of bird- 22 daysaverage weight- 850 – 860gm

Bird shows the signs of sneezing, gasping, few birds having swollen head, Diagosis: Chronic respiragory disease (CRD)


Its a bacterial disease of chickens, It infects the bird at any age, mostly broiler chickens. Birds show sivns of sneezing coughing, swollen head, gasping, In complex cases there will be high mortality ratio, difficult breathing.


It is caused by bacteria Mycoplasma Gallisepticum, the infected bird transmit the disease to other birds through drinking water and feeding, the bacteria can survive outside the body for aleast 2-3 days.SIGNS & SYMPTOMS

● Weezing breathing sounds

● Sneezing, gasping

● Coughing

●Swollen head due to inflammed sinuses

● Nasal discharge

● Watery eyes

● Off feed birds

● Depressed birds

● High mortality in conplex CRDPOST MORTUM LESIONS

● Red trachea

● Pneumonic lungs

● Airsaculitis

● Ecoli can be there TREATMENTMany antibiotics can be used to treat CRD, 5 to 6 days treatment can erridicate the bacterial infection

■ Tilmycosin

■ Tylosin

■ Doxycycline in comnknation with tylosin

■ Erythroycin in combination with tylosin

■ Fosfomycin

■ Klarithromcin

-By Dr. Tahir Khawaja (Poultry Pathologist – Broiler and Layer Farm Expert)