Common Issue in Broiler – Dr. Tahir Khawaja

Hello Veternarians!!

Today i will discuss with you a common issue in broiler, you might have observed at different farms

Today i visited a broiler farm having undigested feed in feaces, there was no such mortality but this undigested feed feaces were all arround in the shed. I share some pictures at the end for you guidance. This problem is called FEED PASSAGE.

🐓FEED PASSAGE Feed Passage or more accurately passage of undigested feed is the common problem in broilers. There might be presence of yellowish large corn particles, excess moisture, with some times orange colored mucous.

🐓WHAT ARE THE CAUSES The passage of undigested nutrients in the feces may be resulting from a single factor or a combination of factors.

👉1- HEAT STRESS When broilers are heat stressed, they increase consumption of water in an effort to cool down. Much of this water will be voided in the feces, resulting in wet and poorly formed feces. Following heat stress, physical changes in the intestinal lining include decrease in the villus length.

👉2- DIETRY SALT INTAKE Due to some mixing error in feed mills some ingrediants have much salt contents. When salt consumption is increased, broilers will consume additional water to assist in the elimination of the salt. This will result in broilers voiding much of the excess water by way of the feces. The result is wet and poorly formed feces.

👉3- COCCIDIOSIS Damage to the lining of the intestine from clinical and subclinical coccidiosis can cause passage of undigested nutrients in the feces, especially in younger broilers. Feed passage is usually associated with the species, E. acervulina and E. maxima.

👉4- INTESTINAL PARASITES In broiler breeders and layer farms intestinal parasites like Ascarids can effect the intestinal mucusa, resulting into feed passage syndrome

👉5- BACTERIAL ISSUES Bacterial infections like clostridium perfringens (causes nacrotic enteritis) and salmonellosis can effect the feed digestion in intestine.

👉6- MYCOTOXINS A wide range of mycotoxins directly or indirectly effect the intestinal mucusa of bird, e.g Ochratoxin causes increased intestinal fragility and decreased shear strength. Aflatoxin causes liver damage, blockage of bile ducts, and decreased level of bile in the lower intestine. T2 toxin shows lesion in oral cavity, gizzard, proventiculus and intestine.

👉7- MANAGMENTAL ISSUES Poor managment can be the reason behind feed passage syndrome including

¶ Poor water quality

¶ Poor litter managment

¶ Improper ventilation and humidity control

¶ Restricted feeding programs

¶ Overstocking or high density

¶ Changes in the physical form of the feed (mash to pellets) during the grow-out and addition of excessive grains at the farm.

🐓PREVENTION AND TREATMENT Prevention and treatment protocol will be followed accordingly.

¶ Ensure a good inhouse managment.

¶ Antibiotics to control intestinal problems

By Dr. Tahir Khwaja (Editorial Board of Member -Poultry Live India)